Our Story

Established in 2021, Eden’s Bakery & Gladys’ Pizzeria opened it’s doors to create homemade pizza from family recipes and scratch made baked goods. Andrew Frassenei, a Saltsburg native, and Eden McCracken from Homer City teamed up to bring this dream into reality. Using his grandmother Gladys sauce and pizza dough recipe, Andrew is cooking up traditional pie’s as well as putting his own special twist with their weekly specials. Over on the bakery side, Eden began baking at the age of 13 and has carried that love throughout her life. Interning at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, and managing Spinola’s bakery in Murrysville, PA, Eden has been creating mouthwatering treats for most of her life. Stop in between classes, for a quick bite at lunch or to get a coffee in the morning and see what Eden’s Bakery & Gladys’ Pizzeria is all about.